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Lakepoint Construction LLC, situated in Grand Coulee, WA, is a distinguished general construction firm catering to both residential and commercial remodeling projects. With a wealth of industry experience, our commitment to using premium materials and cutting-edge construction methods ensures unparalleled service and results for our clients. Our diverse range of offerings includes deck restoration, kitchen renovation, home extensions, and a host of other services. Reach out to us today for further information and to arrange a consultation!


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Lakepoint Construction LLC brings you exceptional deck construction services, designed to elevate your outdoor living experience. Our skilled professionals work diligently to create customized, durable, and visually appealing decks that blend seamlessly with your home's architecture, providing a perfect space for relaxation and entertainment. Trust Lakepoint Construction to transform your backyard into an inviting oasis.


Kitchen Remodeling: Experience the joy of culinary creativity in a newly remodeled kitchen by Lakepoint Construction LLC. Our expert team collaborates with you to design and deliver a functional, stylish, and comfortable kitchen space tailored to your unique needs and preferences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for craftsmanship, we ensure your kitchen renovation becomes the heart of your home.


Bathroom Remodeling: Lakepoint Construction LLC specializes in turning outdated bathrooms into modern sanctuaries. Our bathroom remodeling services focus on enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, creating a serene and luxurious space where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Trust our talented team to deliver personalized solutions that meet your vision and elevate your daily routine.

Home Additions

Home Addition Services: Expand your living space with Lakepoint Construction LLC's premier home addition services. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a cozy sunroom, or a spacious family room, our experienced professionals will work closely with you to design and build a seamless extension that enhances your home's overall value and appeal. Experience the difference that thoughtful planning and expert craftsmanship can make in your home's expansion journey.

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